What is the Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act?

Here in Oregon we just passed two ballot initiatives that will lead to profound changes for people with mental health and substance use issues, and for people who are seeking healing of all kinds. This is part two of a series of blog posts where I will be discussing these new laws, what they meanContinue reading “What is the Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act?”

I Support Measure 109

Why yes, I am included in this year’s Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet! I support Measure 109, which allows manufacture, delivery, and administration of psilocybin at supervised and licensed facilities. The measure further imposes a two-year development period. Nurses, Doctors and Healthcare Leaders Across Oregon Urge You to Vote Yes on Measure 109 It’s the Healing SolutionContinue reading “I Support Measure 109”

What is a brain on Salvia?

Hey look, a new article about Salvia research! In this piece for Wired, Daniel Oberhaus discusses a new research paper that just came out from the team at Johns Hopkins, in which they conducted fMRI brain scan of healthy adults while they inhaled vaporized salvinorin A (SA). Why is this study significant?  This is theContinue reading “What is a brain on Salvia?”