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In the scheduler, you’ll enter your phone number and book a call. I’ll call you and we can learn about each other soon.

Please note: email, online scheduling forms, and texting are usually not secure. I learned a lot about data security from my time as faculty at Yale University and the Department of Veterans Affairs, and I am just as passionate about security and encryption in my private practice. If you want to send me a secure, encrypted message, I use ProtonMail. It’s a free service for smartphones and the web that offers end-to-end encryption.


524 N Tillamook St
Ste 102B
Portland, OR 97227

My office is located in North Portland’s Eliot Neighborhood, between Moda Center and Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. It’s a short walk from the Yellow line and bus # 35. The building is not ADA compliant: there are a few steps at the entrance and no ramp. We have gendered bathrooms.

Online Sessions Available For Oregon and Washington Residents

I offer online therapy services across Oregon and Washington. Sessions are conducted via video calls.

Online therapy is safe and effective. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about online therapy, just reach out.

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