In The Media

Here are some articles in which I am featured:

Psymposia: Psychedelic Frontiers of Western Medicine by Brian Carreira on October 25 2016 at

CNN: Can meditation and psychedelics have the same benefits for your mind? by Meera Senthilingam on June 3 2016 at

Reset.Me: Yale Launches Group To Examine Use Of Psychedelics In Therapy by Aaron Kase on February 3 2016 at

Yale Daily News: Psychiatric group discusses psychedelic treatments by Andrea Ouyang on January 20 2016 at

Motherboard: Yale Medical School Professors Are Starting a Psychedelic Meetup by Gabe Stutman on Jan 7 2016 at

Newsweek: Getting High on Salvia, for Science by Douglas Main on March 1 2015 at

Yale Daily News: Not your grandpa’s LSD by Marissa Medansky on February 03 2015 at

Vice: Why Is Salvia Such a Uniquely Terrifying Drug? by Kristen Gwynne on October 15 2014 at

Newsweek: Ecstasy and Acid in Your Medicine Cabinet? Doctors Explore Psychedelics by Douglas Main on October 14 2014 at

Reality Sandwich: A Report from Psychedemia, 2012: Integrating Psychedelics and Academics by VarDarLuz on 2012 at