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Plus Answers To Your Frequently Asked Fee & Insurance Questions

Psychotherapy is an investment of time and energy for both people. You may have been struggling for a long time, or you may be newly-diagnosed with an illness or disorder. Either way, you deserve the time and energy it takes to work on yourself. It may be hard at times, but it will be worth it.

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Therapy Fees

Accepted Insurance Providers

If you are in Washington

I recently joined Advekit, an online platform that helps my clients use their Out of Network insurance to pay for therapy. I’d love to invite you to try Advekit, to see if they can help you reduce the cost of our sessions. It’s completely free for you to use and they try to get you savings up front, or at least work toward your deductible.


To register for Advekit, please visit my profile page, then select “Get Started”.


If you have a PPO plan, or think you might, please visit my Advekit page to create your profile. Advekit will prompt you to run your insurance and determine your coverage. Once you’re registered, I will process your billing via Advekit. After each of our sessions, Advekit will charge you either in full (toward your deductible), or only the amount you owe (if you’ve already met your deductible). You’ll only be charged after completed sessions, and you no longer have to worry about insurance claims, reimbursements, or paying me directly – they take care of it all!


If you are in Oregon

I can provide a monthly superbill that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

To find out what your insurance may cover, contact your insurance and ask if you have out-of-network mental health coverage. If you need to provide a “CPT code” or a “service code” you can provide the following codes:

  • 90791 Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation
  • 90837 Psychotherapy, 55 minutes
  • 90837 + 99354 Psychotherapy, 85 minutes


You may also want to mention the type of license that I have to ensure services with my type of credential are covered. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Oregon and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in Washington.

Other things you may want to ask about are:

  • What your deductible is
  • What your co-insurance payment will be
  • How many visits you get per year
  • If you need authorization for your visits
  • Details on how to submit a superbill


Contact me if you would like more guidance on how to figure out what your insurance will cover.

To cancel a scheduled therapy session, I require a minimum of 24 hours notice in advance of your session. If you don’t show up to a scheduled session, I will charge you the full session fee for the missed session. If you cancel the session with less than 24 hours’ notice, I will charge you 75% of the full session fee.