Frequently Asked Questions

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What is online video therapy like? 

Online video therapy involves sitting at computer or tablet so we can see each other as we talk. While you can video chat on a smart phone, it’s not as beneficial because the screen is so small. You’ll need to find a place that is quiet, with a good internet connection, and where you can be alone and undisturbed.

I have a chronic health condition. Can therapy help me?

Most likely, yes. Research shows that therapy can be very helpful for people with chronic illness. It’s important to note that therapy may not help you reduce your pain. Instead, therapy can help you improve the quality of your life and your ability to interact with your own body, other people, and the world at large.

What will we discuss in therapy?

We will come up treatment goals together. It’s very important to me that we come up with a plan as a team. A lot of people with chronic health conditions fall into the “sick role” where they are expected to passively accept the judgement, treatment, and outlook of their medical doctors. I’m not like that! I want to discuss what you want to discuss, and to help you in ways that are meaningful to you.

What purpose does therapy serve?

Therapy can help improve your sense that you can accomplish goals and take care of yourself. It can also help you change the way to talk to and about yourself to be more gentle and realistic. Therapy can help you do more, feel more, and love more.

Why do people go to therapy?

People go to therapy for a lot of reasons. One common reason is that people desire rapport and trust. It can feel really good to have someone to talk to who won’t judge you, will understand what you’re going through, and won’t tell your friends or family. People also seek therapy to help change specific patterns in their life or learn more about themselves. If there’s something in your life that isn’t helping you, let’s talk about what that is!

Does what we talk about in therapy remain confidential?

Yes, one of the best things about therapy is that everything we talk about stays between us. However, there are a few situations where I may have to break that confidentiality. If you choose to send my bill to your insurance company, they will know you are in therapy and might see a diagnosis. If I think you are in immediate danger of hurting yourself or someone else, I have to report my concerns. If you tell me about the ongoing abuse of a child or a vulnerable adult, I have to report my concerns. I only report these things if it is absolutely necessary and I will tell you about it before I do anything.

Do you have evening or weekend availability?

Yes, I have evening availability. I do not have weekend availability at this time.

What’s the next step in getting started?

To get your free 15-minute consultation, call +1 (971) 336-4956 or email today. I’m here for you.