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I Support Measure 109

Support Measure 109

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Why yes, I am included in this year’s Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet! I support Measure 109, which allows manufacture, delivery, and administration of psilocybin at supervised and licensed facilities. The measure further imposes a two-year development period.

Nurses, Doctors and Healthcare Leaders Across Oregon Urge You to Vote Yes on Measure 109

It’s the Healing Solution We Need — Now More Than Ever

Every day, our offices and hospitals are filled with the anguish of illness afflicting so many in so many different ways. We want to offer every patient we see the best and safest treatment we can, and that’s why we support Measure 109. By creating a regulated, supervised and licensed psilocybin therapy for people suffering from depression and anxiety, we can provide a new breakthrough treatment option that scientific research shows has an excellent safety track record.

Measure 109 was written by experts, built on a foundation of research and science, and is supported by the world’s foremost authorities in these mental health treatments. Over a built-in two-year development period, an Advisory Council composed of public health experts, community representatives, and doctors will invest in safety and systems to maximize client health. This is the kind of responsible healthcare reform Oregon needs, which is why so many of us in the healthcare community are rising up to lend our voice and support for Measure 109.

  • Well researched.
  • Well regulated.
  • Supervision required.
  • Safety prioritized.

Measure 109 can responsibly help so many who suffer from depression and anxiety — please join us in voting Yes.

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