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Preparing For Psychedelics with Surrender

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The Power of Surrender: Preparing for Your Transformational Psychedelic Journey

Learn the essential skill of surrender before your upcoming ketamine or psilocybin experience and open yourself to profound healing, insight, and growth.

Are you feeling called to explore psychedelic-assisted therapy or Oregon Psilocybin Services? You’re not alone. Many people turn to these powerful medicines for healing, personal growth, and spiritual insight.

Preparing for psychedelics is just as important as finding a licensed facilitator. That’s where the practice of surrender comes in.

What is Surrender?

Surrender is not about giving up control or becoming passive. Instead, it’s an active process of:

  • Letting go of your ego’s need for control
  • Trusting in the wisdom of the medicine and your inner healing intelligence
  • Opening yourself to the full range of the psychedelic experience, even the challenging parts

When you cultivate an attitude of surrender, you create the optimal conditions for a profound, life-changing journey.


Why Surrender Matters When Preparing For Psychedelics

Many people approach psychedelics with a specific agenda or expectations. They might hope to solve a particular problem, access mystical states, or have a blissful experience.

But the reality is that psychedelics are unpredictable. You can’t control the journey or force specific outcomes. Resisting or trying to steer the experience can lead to anxiety, confusion, and missing out on the unique lessons the medicine has to offer.

That’s why surrender is so essential. By letting go of your preconceived notions and allowing the journey to unfold naturally, you create space for true healing, insight, and transformation.

Discover the Path of Surrender

I created this online course to share the essential practices and principles of psychedelic surrender.

Over seven modules, you’ll discover:

  • What surrender means in the context of psychedelics
  • How to assess your readiness and create a supportive set and setting
  • Practices for surrendering in daily life, like mindfulness and honest communication
  • The three paths of transcendence and how surrender can open the door
  • Preparing your mindset in the days and weeks before your psychedelic experience
  • How to integrate the insights and lessons after your journey to transform your life

Plus, when you enroll, you’ll receive a downloadable workbook for cultivating surrender on your own or with others.

Is This Course Right for You?

I designed this course for adults who are planning to participate in legal psychedelic services, such as ketamine-assisted psychotherapy or Oregon Psilocybin Services, in the next 30 days.

If you resonate with any of the following, this course is for you:

  • You feel called to work with psychedelics for healing, growth, or spiritual exploration
  • You want to feel prepared and grounded going into your psychedelic experience
  • You’re looking for practices to cultivate an open and trusting mindset
  • You want to learn how to integrate your psychedelic insights into daily life
  • You value having a supportive community of fellow psychedelic explorers

If you feel the call to take a legal psychedelic journey in the next 30 days, this course will give you the grounded, compassionate guidance you need to be fully open to the experience.

Begin Your Journey of Surrender

Don’t leave your healing and growth to chance. Learn to surrender and prepare your whole being for the journey of a lifetime.

Click here to learn more and enroll in “The Power of Surrender” today.

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