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Psychedelics for Trauma Treatment

Headshots of Michael Mithoefer, Peter H Addy, Usha Tummala-Narra, and Ron Siegel

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Mastering Psychedelics for Trauma Treatment:

Techniques for MDMA, Ketamine and Psychedelic Therapy

Trauma can leave lasting scars. Many patients continue suffering from PTSD long after starting treatment. But new research shows psychedelics for trauma treatment can be highly effective for treating trauma.

In this intensive training, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge of psychedelic protocols from pioneering researchers and clinicians like:

  • Michael Mithoefer, MD
  • Rachel Yehuda, PhD
  • Bessel van der Kolk, MD
  • Rick Doblin, PhD
  • Gita Vaid, MD
  • Peter Addy, PhD

I’m honored to be included as a presenter in the psychedelics module alongside these esteemed experts.

You’ll get proven techniques to safely and effectively incorporate psychedelics into your trauma therapy practice.

Plus, you’ll also master critical topics like:

  • Helping patients regain a sense of aliveness after trauma
  • Identifying and treating the invisible wounds of neglect
  • Working with the enduring impact of abandonment
  • Treating moral injury’s “stain on the soul”

Key Benefits of Psychedelics for Trauma Treatment

  • Understand the neuroscience of how psychedelics impact the brain to help heal from trauma
  • Learn protocols for MDMA-assisted and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy
  • Apply harm reduction principles to guide patients interested in psychedelics
  • Integrate psychedelic-assisted techniques with existing therapy modalities
  • Get clarity on safety, contraindications and open questions

Today, psychedelics for trauma treatment is demonstrating immense promise for treating PTSD and trauma. Both MDMA and ketamine are proving to support trauma processing and recovery in clinical trials.

This training provides a comprehensive overview of evidence-based psychedelic protocols. You’ll gain clinical skills and practical frameworks to start safely incorporating psychedelic therapies where appropriate.

Covered Psychedelic Techniques

  • Screening protocols to determine if a patient is a good fit
  • Preparatory therapy prior to psychedelic-assisted sessions
  • Guiding patients through MDMA or ketamine sessions
  • Integrating insights from sessions into ongoing therapy
  • Coaching harm reduction for recreational use

You’ll come away confident in your ability to utilize psychedelic-assisted therapies effectively.

Bonus Material

The Gold Package includes 10 CE/CME credits plus 4 exclusive bonus sessions on topics like:

– The Critical Link Between Abandonment, Role Confusion and BPD
– An IFS Approach to psychedelics for trauma treatment

Your patients don’t have to suffer. Get access to cutting-edge psychedelic techniques for effectively treating trauma and PTSD.

Register now for the Gold Package to get the complete training experience.

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