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Craft an Intention for a Psychedelic Experience

Dr. Peter Addy teaches a course on crafting powerful intentions for psychedelic journeys

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Many people feel drawn to have a therapeutic psychedelic experience but aren’t sure how to get the most out of it. Unlike recreational use, an intentional psychedelic journey relies on careful preparation and focus to craft an intention for a psychedelic experience, catalyze healing, growth, and lasting beneficial change.

The Power of Intention-Setting

Crafting a meaningful intention is essential to optimizing your psychedelic experience. Your intention acts as a compass to direct your psychedelic journey, ground you during challenges, and integrate insights afterward. Without crafting an intention for a psychedelic experience, you risk meandering through psychedelic states without integrating lasting benefits.

Step-By-Step Video Course

This 6-lesson video course guides you step-by-step to identify your core needs and crystallize them into a focused intention for your psychedelic session. Over 60 minutes of video lessons and supplementary materials build your confidence, clarity, and tools to decrease anxiety and increase the likelihood of meaningful change when you craft an intention for a psychedelic experience.

By crafting your intention for a psychedelic experience, you state your desired destination before embarking on the psychedelic voyage. Your intention might focus on overcoming trauma, boosting creativity, strengthening relationships, finding meaning and purpose, or connecting more deeply with yourself, others, or nature.

Benefits of the Course

With lifetime access for one low price, the course helps you:

  • Understand what intentions are and are not when crafting an intention for a psychedelic experience
  • Connect with your feelings and unmet needs
  • Imagine your needs fulfilled
  • Craft clear, focused intentions
  • Share your intentions with guides or facilitators

Whether preparing for psilocybin, ketamine, or other psychedelics, this course optimizes your experience. Dr. Peter Addy draws on decades of expertise guiding therapeutic journeys to teach you how to set your compass and steer your psychedelic trip toward lasting fulfillment.

Sign Up and Set Your Compass

Enroll now to focus your psychedelic journey, fulfill your needs, and catalyze growth. With the right preparation and intention-setting, your upcoming psychedelic experience can open new doors of insight, healing, and wholeness. Craft your intention and set your compass today for your psychedelic journey.

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