Testing Kits

DanceSafe reagent testing kit

I provide psychedelic harm reduction services. I want my clients to be safe, so I encourage the use of reagent testing, like the kits DanceSafe sells.

You can buy a kit directly from DanceSafe, or you can use my affiliate link which will give me a commission, which I will use to pay off my student loans.

Be safe! Test it before you ingest it!

Reagent kits are useful because they can tell you that the drug you are looking for is present in your sample (in some amount), and they can weed out counterfeit pills and powders that definitely don’t contain the drug you are looking for. But they cannot tell you if your drugs are pure.

Watch out for counterfeit MDMA!

When used properly, colormetric reagent kits are capable of detecting the presence of certain drugs in a drug sample. This can include the primary substance as well as (sometimes) an adulterant or “cut.” However, they cannot detect all potential substances that might be in a sample. Some drugs won’t produce a color change at all, and drugs that produce a dark color change might overshadow drugs that produce a lighter color change. What this means is that reagent testing kits cannot detect purity.

Be responsible and test your stuff!

Even if they are pure (which reagents cannot determine), no drug use is 100% safe. All drug use has inherent risks. And a positive drug experience depends on many other things besides purity, such as dose, set and setting.

Use my affiliate link to their MDMA testing kit, or buy it directly from DanceSafe. Harm reduction!

Safety first. Testing kits save lives!