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Psychedelics, Hallucinogens and Entheogens: What Clinicians Need to Know

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Learn about psychedelics while earning CE credits! I really enjoyed putting together this six hour training with PESI. We cover classic psychedelics, dissociatives, empathogens, complex psychedelics, and atypical psychedelics. There are a lot of trainings coming out now for clinicians by clinicians that focus on the latest research. The latest research is incredibly interesting, so that makes sense! However, the fact remains that most psychedelics are illegal to use today, and will remain so for at least a few more years. Staying up to date on the latest psychedelic neuroscience is great and all, but how does it help you clients who are suffering today, and who may be using psychedelics on their own? With my training, you can learn practical skills to help your psychonaut clients stay safe.

You can earn six CE credits, including one ethics credit.

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