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Becoming A Psychedelic-Informed Clinician

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As a clinician, you work for the well-being of your clients – implementing the art of therapy, supported with reassurance and understanding. That is why it is important to constantly learn and do various training to be able to access any problem. Some topics are well elaborated and practiced, but others slide towards being ethically challenging. Let’s say you have a client who uses psychedelic substances. Will you be able to tell? How will you be able to help that individual stay safe? That is why becoming a psychedelic-informed clinician will benefit both you and your client!

Back in March 2022 I led a 6 hour training with Counseling Services of Long Island teaching how to be a psychedelic-informed clinician. I loved the opportunity to get to know everyone in the class and share my insights. I shared insights both from my research days and my current therapy practice to illuminate both heavenly and hellish experiences that people have had with psychedelics. 

The Scope: Developing an informed approach

It is no secret that we get almost no training on psychedelic integration. Even though various academic institutions investigate these controversial substances in relation to their unique healing properties, there is not much that goes into educating clinicians. Often, training is still outdated due to potential judgment, ethical dilemmas, and of course, prejudice. Judgment from therapists prevents many clients from sharing their experiences. When you are a psychedelic-informed clinician, you will be able to approach your clients in a more supportive manner. 

The Objective: What clinicians need to know

Knowing the truth about psychedelic medicines will help you understand certain things with an open mind and help your clients identify potential risks! Other times, their use may align or clash with your therapy, thus it is vital to possess the right knowledge. Becoming psychedelic-informed will help you acquire the right set of skills to create a firm bridge between you and the client. Build a healthy relationship by enabling the individual to express themselves without being judged. Allow them to share their experience and intentions without pathologizing.

So, how can you gain the right knowledge?

A training course to become psychedelic-informed clinicians

To help professionals become psychedelic-informed clinicians, I led a complete training earlier this year. It covered many aspects – types of various psychedelics, how and why they are used, their history, how to approach your clients about them, and academic updates on research. In addition, I covered which individuals are more prone to using such substances and why.

It is also important to learn about various contraindications and how they can interfere with the treatment of different diagnoses – which my training fully covered. In addition, we learned all about practicing psychedelic-informed treatment, so that you can easily support your clients in their goals and journeys!

The Goal: What will you learn?

The main goal of the training is to broaden your horizons and enlarge the scope of your understanding. To approach the subject first and foremost with understanding and compassion, backed up with thorough research.

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