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Salvia Divinorum Online Training

Salvia Divinorum Online Training

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Salvia divinorum and salvinorin A: Traditional and non-traditional use and clinical potential

Could This Legal Psychedelic Help Addiction and Chronic Pain?

In this self-paced online course I discusses Salvia divinorum, a unique psychedelic plant which acts exclusively on kappa opioid receptors, and could be beneficial clinically in much the same way as MDMA, psilocybin, and ayahuasca. In many states, this plant is legal, as the mind altering effects are much shorter and less intense than these other substances. 

Join us for this concise and incredibly insightful presentation on Salvia divinorum.  

This presentation has been approved for 1 CE credit.

During this course you will learn

  • Traditional and non-traditional use of the plant Salvia divinorum
  • A better understanding of non-traditional use patterns, including reasons for use, legal issues, and subjective effects
  • human  subject laboratory research with salvinorin A
  • Potential clinical applications from human and animal research

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