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Learn About MDMA Therapy and Ecstasy

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Don’t Get Left Behind: Why You Need Training in MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy

MDMA-assisted psychotherapy will revolutionize mental healthcare. With research showing MDMA therapy can treat even severe, treatment-resistant PTSD in just a few sessions, the FDA could approve MDMA therapy within 5 years. Are you prepared to integrate this groundbreaking approach into your practice?

You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on This Opportunity

As a therapist, You must provide your clients with the most effective treatments available. MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is proving uniquely effective for PTSD, anxiety, depression and more. For example, if you lack proper training, you risk:

– Appearing unknowledgeable about this cutting-edge therapy
– Losing clients to seek treatment from properly certified therapists
– Facing liability issues if attempting sessions without expertise

Comprehensive MDMA Therapy Training Is Now Available

Make certain you don’t get left behind. Sign up now for my in-depth MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Training Course.

With expert instruction from psychedelic researcher Dr. Peter Addy (that’s me!), you’ll learn:

– The neuroscience of how MDMA works
– Essential techniques like non-directive psychotherapy
– Ethical considerations & protocols from clinical trials
– Integration models to support patients before and after
– The future legal landscape of MDMA therapy

Be Ready to Integrate MDMA Into Your Practice

Above all, this course gives you everything you need to feel confident and qualified to provide MDMA-assisted psychotherapy when FDA approves it. Sign up now and ensure you remain competitive in the field of trauma therapy. Claim your spot in the future of mental healthcare starting today!

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