I’ve given many lectures and public talks over the years. A few of them have even been recorded and put online.

Learn about MDMA and ecstasy with Dr. Peter H Addy
2020: Portland Psychedelic Society
Transpersonal Psychology and Salvia Divinorum
2020: Psychedelics Today
Four Options for Legal Psychedelic Use
2019: Portland Psychedelic Society
Post Psychedelic Integrative Follow up Sessions
2018: Portland Psychedelic Society
An Introduction to Kratom
2018: Portland Psychedelic Society
Therapeutic Potential of the Plant Salvia Divinorum
2017: MAPS Psychedelic Science
Losing your body on Salvia is a heavy trip
2015: Psymposia
Salvia Divinorum, an Atypical Psychedelic
2014: Horizons NYC