I Support Measure 109

Why yes, I am included in this year’s Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet! I support Measure 109, which allows manufacture, delivery, and administration of psilocybin at supervised and licensed facilities. The measure further imposes a two-year development period. Nurses, Doctors and Healthcare Leaders Across Oregon Urge You to Vote Yes on Measure 109 It’s the Healing SolutionContinue reading “I Support Measure 109”

Four Options for Legal Psychedelic Use

Potential clients and curious members of the public ask me pretty often how they can safety experience psychedelic healing and exploration. Most of the time it is against the law to use psychedelic medicines and you can go to prison if caught. However, there are some legally-sanctioned approaches you might want to consider. I spokeContinue reading “Four Options for Legal Psychedelic Use”